Female Saudi student dies after officials allegedly prevented male paramedics from helping

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A female student in Saudi Arabia died after male paramedics were allegedly denied access to the female-only campus, according to Gulf News.

Amna Bawazeer, a postgraduate student at the College of Social Studies at King Saud University, died of a heart attack Thursday while finishing her course schedule for the upcoming semester.

Students at the university claim that male paramedics were barred from entering the campus because Bawazeer was not covered, even though standard Islamic practices are relaxed in certain cases.

“Islam is a religion that facilitates practices, and the religious rule, in exceptional situations, are relaxed,” one student told the local paper, Okaz. “We do not see any necessity that is more pressing than rescuing the life of a human being from imminent death.”

But Badran al Omar, the university's rector, said the paramedics were, in fact, allowed access to the campus.

"They called the ambulance at 12:35 p.m. and ambulance staff was there by 12:45 p.m. and entered immediately. There was no barring them at all. They entered from a side door," al Omar told the Associated Press.

If the students who claim to have witnessed the event are telling the truth, then this incident is another example of what real women face elsewhere in the world.

Just some perspective.

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