Finalists announced in '12 OAPME newspaper contest


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — DIVISION IV, Newspapers with daily circulation of 25,000 to 74,999

Best Headline Writer: Bonnie Hazen, Warren Tribune Chronicle; Kiarash Zarezadeh, The Lima News; Tom Harrison, The Lima News.

Best Business Writer: Brenda J. Linert , Warren Tribune Chronicle; Heather Rutz, The Lima News; Robert Wang, The (Canton) Repository.

Best Columnist: Charita Goshay, The (Canton) Repository; Greg Hoersten, The Lima News; Kiarash Zarezadeh, The Lima News.

Best Editorial Writer: Dennis Mangan, The (Youngstown) Vindicator; Gayle Beck, The (Canton) Repository; Jim Krumel, The Lima News.

Best Feature Writer: Tim Botos, The (Canton) Repository; Tom Harrison, The Lima News; Tracey Read, The (Willoughby) News-Herald.

Best Graphics Artist: Bob Kast, The (Canton) Repository; Michael Weiss, The (Canton) Repository; Robert McFerren, The (Youngstown) Vindicator.

Best Sports Columnist: Mike McLain, Warren Tribune Chronicle; Todd Porter, The (Canton) Repository; Tom Usher, The Lima News.

Best Sports Feature Writer: Josh Weir, The (Canton) Repository; Todd Porter, The (Canton) Repository; Tom Usher, The Lima News.

Best Sports Writer: Joe Scalzo, The (Youngstown) Vindicator; Josh Weir, The (Canton) Repository; Tom Usher, The Lima News.

Best Photographer: Jay Sowers, The Lima News; Robert Yosay, The (Youngstown) Vindicator; Scott Heckel, The (Canton) Repository.

Best News Writer: Kelli Young, The (Canton) Repository; Tim Botos, The (Canton) Repository; Virginia Shank, Warren Tribune Chronicle.

Best Sports Event Coverage: The (Canton) Repository, "State Champs"; The (Canton) Repository, "Hall of Fame Enshrinement Edition"; Tom Usher and Jim Naveau, The Lima News, "State Baseball Finals."

Best Sports Enterprise: Jim Naveau and Jay Sowers, The Lima News, "Ohio Stadium - 90 Years of Traditions and Memories"; Josh Weir, The (Canton) Repository, "3 Sport Athlete"; Todd Porter, The (Canton) Repository, "Storm Brewing."

Best Special Sports Section: Warren Tribune Chronicle, "High School Football"; The (Canton) Repository, "High School Football Preview"; The (Canton) Repository, "Hall of Fame Class of 2012."

Best Daily Sports Section: The Lima News, The (Canton) Repository, The (Willoughby) News-Herald.

Best Informational Graphic: Bob Kast, The (Canton) Repository, "Traffic Cameras"; Michael Weiss, The (Canton) Repository, "Canton Marathon Course"; Robert McFerren, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Titanic."

Best Illustration: Bob Kast, The (Canton) Repository, "In Memoriam"; Joe Landsberger, Warren Tribune Chronicle, "Off the Beaten Path"; Joe Landsberger, Warren Tribune Chronicle, "All Eyes on Ohio."

Best Spot News Photo: Craig Orosz, The Lima News, "Man Dies in I-75 Crash"; Scott Heckel, The (Canton) Repository, "Dice Game Lead to Homicide"; William Lewis, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "South Side Sorrow."

Best General News Photo: Amanda Wilson, The Lima News, "Grandparent and Much More"; Jeff Forman, The (Willoughby) News-Herald, "Parmertor Funeral"; R. Michael Semple, Warren Tribune Chronicle, "Guilty."

Best Feature Photo: Duncan Scott, The (Willoughby) News-Herald, "Bus Stop"; Jay Sowers, The Lima News, "Mind If I Wash, You Read?"; Lindsay Brown, The Lima News, "FlashBack."

Best Sports Photo: Don Speck, The Lima News, "Ohio State 26 - Michigan 21"; Scott Heckel, The (Canton) Repository, "I Love You"; Scott Heckel, The (Canton) Repository, "Winning Run."

Best Photo Essay: The (Willoughby) News-Herald, "Chardon School Shooting"; Jay Sowers, The Lima News, "I'll Run Again"; Jay Sowers, The Lima News, "Betting on Hope."

Best Use of Multimedia: Ben Duer, The (Canton) Repository, "Remembering McKayla Hoopes"; Michael Blair, The (Willoughby) News-Herald, "Hospice Treatment Doesn't Keep Wade Stroup From Volunteering"; Staff and Todd Franko, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Greatest Golfer of the Valley."

Best Community Service: Warren Tribune Chronicle, "Tribune Chronicle Celebrates 200 Years"; Warren Tribune Chronicle, "Veterans Day"; The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Gas/Fracking Stories."

Best Special Section: The Lima News, "Best of the Region"; The (Canton) Repository, "Hall of Fame Unsung Heroes"; Warren Tribune Chronicle, "Tribune Chronicle 200."

Best Breaking News: The (Willoughby) News-Herald, "Shooting at Chardon High School"; Elise Franco, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Manhunt For Killer"; Joe Gorman, Warren Tribune Chronicle, "'We're Dying.'"

Best Explanatory Reporting: Kelli Young, The (Canton) Repository, "Treasurer's Office Scandal"; Robert Wang, The (Canton) Repository, "What the Fiscal Cliff Means to You"; Tom Harrison, The Lima News, "Hidden Homeless."

Best Enterprise Reporting: The (Canton) Repository, "The Diabetes Crisis"; Ashley Luthern, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "Juvenile Justice Series"; Bob Blake, The Lima News, "Modern-Day Slavery."

Best Investigative Reporting: Doug Livingston, Warren Tribune Chronicle, "Mahoning Valley Charities"; Heather Rutz, The Lima News, "Pay Questioned"; Robert Guttersohn, The (Youngstown) Vindicator, "What Has Liberty 'LEARN'ed?"

Best Full Page Layout: Julie Vennitti, The (Canton) Repository, "Marathon Section Cover"; Mark Meszoros, The (Willoughby) News-Herald; Nate Warnecke, The Lima News, "Sweet 16 of Style."

Best Page One Layout: The (Canton) Repository, The Lima News.

Best Online Portfolio: The (Willoughby) News-Herald; The Lima News; The (Canton) Repository.


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