'The Following': Jessica Stroup Talks About The Hardys

wochit entertainment
February 17, 2014 AT 8:23 AM
On 'The Following', Kevin Bacon's Ryan Hardy has lured his niece, NYPD Detective Max Hardy, into his neverending Joe Carroll saga. "Coming into the season I really wanted the viewers to believe that she is a valid part of Ryan Hardy's life," 9010 alum Jessica Stroup , who plays Max, tells The Hollywood Reporter. As Ryan has been getting his life in order, the conversations and the moments that they have are really touching. The Hardys have one of the most tragic family histories. In addition to Ryan's death curse, Max lost her father and "doesn't have a lot of family or a whole lot of friends because she devotes her life to the force" -- factors that push her closer to Ryan, even though death is always around the corner. "She wants to be there for her uncle and she wants to have a family," Stroup says of her character's intentions.