Ford Motor Expands Faulty Air-Bag Recall To Include 1.2 Mill

Financial News Network
April 14, 2011 AT 9:19 PM
Ford Motor Co (NYSE:F) expanded a recall related to faulty air bags to include 1.2 million F-150 pickups and some Lincoln Mark LTs. Previously the recall had only included 144,000 trucks.Federal regulators have received reports of hundreds of instances of inadvertent air-bag deployments, which have resulted in bruises, cuts, and one chipped tooth, and two drivers said they were knocked unconscious.Ford said it is not aware of any accidents related to the glitch, which covers trucks from model years 2004 through 2006. Ford resisted the expanded recall because the automaker saw it as unnecessary, but finally caved to pressure from regulators.Shares of Ford Motor are trading down 1.64% at $14.73.