Four people shot in three separate incidents in Gallup New Mexico
March 13, 2012 AT 2:15 PM
is violence breaking out in gallup... and the surrounding areas. our newsroom has been flooded with calls all night from concerned residents. here's what we know right now.... last night, we're told two people were shot near dairy and patton in gallup. both were taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. and we're told two people are in custody in connection to the shooting. minute thumbnail 06:01 am then, just after 8 last night... there was another shooting in the parking lot of the gallup indian medical center. we're told one person was shot there ... that person did not suffer life threatening injuries. and it's still not clear of this shooting and the one that happened earlier are connected. about an hour after that... police were called out to the shell gas station on the east side of town where there was an attempted robbery. we're told a victim was shot in the face multiple times with a b-b gun. that person's condition is not known this morning. police say this shooting was not connected with the previous shootings. but there was a attempted robbery at the nearby fire rock casino earlier... and police still aren't ruling out that connection. now there's still a lot for police to sort out... and we're expected to be briefed later this morning. in the meantime, we will continue to work the phones to find out any new information.... as soon as we learn more, we'll pass that on to you.