Fox News host Megyn Kelly challenges Erick Erickson for comments about working mothers

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“Thanks for being here,” Fox News host Megyn Kelly grinned before launching into a full debate with Erick Erickson and Lou Dobbs about women being breadwinners in the household.

“So, I will start with you, Erick,” she began, referring to his controversial comments on the Lou Dobbs show. “What makes you dominant and me submissive, and who died and made you scientist-in-chief?”

Erickson admitted that his comments were “poorly constructed,” but cited the natural order in the animal kingdom as an example of how the male typically “tends to be the protector and dominant one.”

Kelly cited studies that children of working moms and same-sex couples showing that children of either group did not end up worse off than children raised in a family where the mom stayed at home.

Erickson added that he wasn’t judging women who worked outside the home, reminding Kelly that it was more difficult for women to both be a breadwinner and a mom after putting in a whole day of work. Erickson added that a recent Pew study showed that a majority of Americans agreed with him.

“Just because you have people that agree with you doesn’t mean that it is not offensive,” Kelly fired back.

Erickson spent a good deal of time clarifying his position, insisting he was not judging families where the mother was the primary breadwinner.

“I’m not saying moms can’t work and dads should be the only ones that work,” Erickson said, noting that his own wife worked when his children were little.

“If that works for you, God bless you for that working for you,” Erickson added, “But I do think that most people need to realize that they work on an individual case, but in generalities I do think having the mom, who is the nurturing one, at home, when kids are little … that’s your choice.”

During the segment, Kelly referred to Erickson’s blog post, which criticized “emo-liberals” for insisting that gender roles were interchangeable.

“I don’t think I’m an emo-liberal,” she said. “I was offended by the piece nonetheless. I think you are judging people.”



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