Friday Islamic services cancelled at Boston mosque amid metro-area-wide shutdown

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Friday is the holy day for Muslims, when they have their weekly service. Much of Boston and its surrounding area has been shut down by police hunting the second suspect in the Marathon bombing. As a result, at least one of Boston’s mosques has apparently cancelled its Friday services, urging worshippers to worship at home.

Here’s the Facebook post from the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) ·:


After the terrible and sad events of last night, the criminal of the bombings on the loose, and the strong recommendations of our Governor, the ISBCC will be closed until further notice.

Additionally, after consulting Imam Suhaib, jumu’a is also cancelled at the ISBCC. The Imam recommends that all – living in the affected areas and in mosques in the affected areas – pray dhur at home in light of the current situation.

Scholars of the Maliki rite noted that a person can miss the Jum’a prayer as long as he replaces it with the Dhur prayer under certain conditions. Those conditions being any recognized shari’ah difficulty such as rain, fear, a sick relative (that someone must care for) and so on. In light of the Governor’s request, the absence of mass transportation and the concern that we coming to the Friday prayer may expose people to potential harm, we adopted this postion held by the fuqaha. It is important to note that a person must prayer dhur as a replacement for Juma. May Allah bring these criminal to justice, protect our city and our community.

Please be safe and pray for our city and state.

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