Gallup Reports Improvement in Unemployment

Financial News Network
January 19, 2012 AT 3:42 AM
U.S. unemployment is 8.3% in mid-January -- a slight improvement from 8.5% in December -- as measured by Gallup. This is without seasonal adjustment. The 8.3% is down from 9.9% in January a year ago. Gallup's mid-month unemployment reading, which is based on the 30 days ending January 15, serves as a preliminary estimate of the U.S. report. Gallup suggests the Bureau of Labor Statistics will likely report on the first Friday of February that its seasonally adjusted unemployment rate declined once again in January.Gallup also reports that the percentage of U.S. employees who are working part time but want full-time work is at 9.8% in mid-January, the same as in December. The mid-January reading is considerably higher than the 9.1% in January 2011.