Gates raises new trust questions for embattled Obama

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• Gates raises new trust questions for embattled Obama
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GATES RAISES NEW TRUST QUESTIONS FOR EMBATTLED OBAMA - Public confidence in the commander in chief and his team is taking another hit today in the wake of new allegations about President Obama’s political calculations on military strategy. Robert Gates, Obama’s first-term secretary of Defense, has rattled Washington and disrupted the president’s intended narrative for the midterm election year. As the president tries to shift the conversation to an attack on Republican resistance to expanded welfare spending, Gates’ bombshell memoir is raising new questions about the trustworthiness of a president still reeling from the revelation that he misled voters with a claim that Americans would be able to keep their health insurance and physicians under ObamaCare. On top of that, there is lingering public concern about Obama’s expansion of domestic surveillance programs. The timing for Gates’ claims could hardly be worse. The money line from the former secretary: “I felt that agreements with the Obama White House were good for only as long as they were politically convenient.”Fox News has more.

[WSJ shares the top 10 revelations from Gates’ memoir, read a longer excerpt here.]

Micromanaged by politicos - In his book, “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War,” set for release on Tuesday, Gates claims that Obama was skeptical of  his own policy toward the war in Afghanistan and was “outright convinced it would fail.” According to excerpts reviewed by Fox News, Gates never questioned Obama’s commitment to U.S. troops but rather “only his support of their mission.” A carry-over from President George W. Bush’s administration, Gates says he was often “seething” because he felt President Obama and his administration lacked trust or confidence in him. Gates wrotes: “With Obama, however, I joined a new, inexperienced president determined to change course—and equally determined from day one to win re-election. Domestic political considerations would therefore be a factor, though I believe never a decisive one, in virtually every major national security problem we tackled.”

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