Gen. Hayden: Under Obama, the NSA has more power

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Gen. Michael Hayden, a former director of the National Security Agency, explained on ‘FOX News Sunday’ this morning that agency’s power has expanded under President Obama.

From the transcript:

WALLACE: From what you know and I understand you’ve been on the outside, how much has he changed? He expanded, restricted these government surveillance programs that he inherited.

HAYDEN: In terms of surveillance?


HAYDEN: Expanded in volume, changed the legal grounding for them a little bit, put it more under congressional authorization rather than the president’s Article II powers and added a bit more oversight.

But in terms of what NSA is doing, there is incredible continuity between the two presidents.

WALLACE: How do you mean he’s expanded in volume?

HAYDEN: Well, it may just because we’ve gotten more of these records over time and with the amendment to the FISA Act in 2008, which Senator Obama finally voted for, NSA is actually empowered to do more things than I was empowered to do under President Bush’s special authorization.

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