George Will, unofficial history tutor to the Nats

Yeas and Nays,Jenny Rogers

Journalist and baseball aficionado George Will confirmed to Yeas & Nays that he did indeed make a series of American history flashcards for the Washington Nationals.

The cards came about while Will flew with members of the team to the All-Star Game in Kansas. "Gio [Gonzalez] was talking about how Jordan Zimmermann is a history buff," Will said. "He asked for some questions. We got on the plane and I jotted down 20."

The questions dealt with "mostly presidents, but not entirely," Will said. Pitcher Stephen Strasburg stated in an interview on 106.7 the Fan that the cards helped him gain "a little knowledge of former presidents and everything." He and the others on the plane are "gonna quiz some of the other guys in the rotation when we get back."

h/t DC Sports Bog

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