Gibbs motivates ... the Cowboys?

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It might seem inconceivable that former Redskins coach and Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs would give a pep talk to the rival Dallas Cowboys. But with the Cowboys in Charlotte, N.C., where Gibbs' NASCAR team is based, he addressed the team the night before their 19-14 victory over Carolina on Sunday.

If it's hard to believe, keep in mind that Norv Turner, after three years as the Cowboys' offensive coordinator, jumped ship to become the Redskins' coach in 1994.

But it's no surprise that Gibbs and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones are close. The best rivalries in sports thrive because of mutual respect between organizations, not the hatred often cultivated by fans.

All Gibbs did last weekend -- and who in their right mind wouldn't give an ear to a three-time Super Bowl winner -- was give Dallas coach Jason Garrett a little extra motivation to bounce back after he mismanaged the clock in a 31-29 loss at Baltimore. Plus, against a Panthers team in free fall, it probably made no difference; the Cowboys likely would have won anyway.

- Craig Stouffer

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