Gilberto Santa Rosa's Broadway Tango

CelebTV Latino
July 01, 2013 AT 4:48 PM
Five time Grammy Award winner Gilberto Santa Rosa will make his Broadway debut in the musical Forever Tango. The singer told the Associated Press that since getting the news, he hasn't stopped dancing, jumping, screaming and pinching himself because he still doesn't believe it. Though Gilberto is an expert at salsa, he definitely understands tango's appeal. The singer added, I love tangos, but most tangos are very sad and my songs, the most popular ones, are sad too. I am a broken hearts specialist, no matter the rhythm or genre. While Santa Rosa can dance a mean salsa, he may not be so enthused about the famous South American Tango. I took tango lessons many years ago and it is one of the most difficult dances that there are. I did it for a show we were doing in Puerto Rico and it was a crash course. I had a lot of fun but it was very hard.