Glass houses: Obama should probably avoid accusing the GOP of having a bad work ethic

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President Obama has spent most of the week attacking Republicans for being incompetent, unproductive, unreasonable and entirely responsible for the dysfunction that grips the nation's capital.

He started out strong Wednesday with Democratic fundraisers in Colorado, attacking Republicans for being the so-called “party of no,” and then finished with flair in Texas as he attacked the GOP for being unwilling to do its job.

“Sometimes I feel like saying to these guys,” Obama said Thursday during an address in Austin, Texas, “I’m the guy doing my job. You must be the other guy.”

The quip, which drew laughter from the crowd, is a reference to a line from "The Departed," a lukewarm 2006 crime drama directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Jason Bourne, Jack Nicholson and Marky Mark.

Rather than waste their time with lawsuits against the White House for its many executive actions, Obama suggested Republican lawmakers “do something!”

“It is lonely with me just doing stuff,” he said. “I’d love it if the Republicans did stuff too.”

Soon after the president delivered his final remarks in Texas and headed back to Washington, members of the press enthusiastically praised his "The Departed" reference:

And you better believe the White House PR team jumped in on the fun, capitalizing on the president’s pop culture reference:

But considering the fact that he will soon take a 15-day vacation at Martha's Vineyard even as the nation's allies face-off with an increasingly unstable and violent world, and considering the fact that the Republican-controlled House has managed to pass six of the 12 fiscal 2015 appropriations bills while the Democratic-controlled Senate has passed none, perhaps dinging the GOP for “not working” wasn't the president's best idea.

Indeed, Obama’s infamous preference for leisurely pursuits, including golf and dining with celebrities, takes most of the bite out of his movie reference. It’s almost too easy:

We could go on, but we're pretty certain you get the point.

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