Gloria Estefan Talks Latin American Struggle

CelebTV Latino
August 26, 2013 AT 6:08 PM
Gloria Estefan will be among the personalities interviewed in Latin Americans, the first documentary that recounts more than 500 years of the history of Latinos in the United States. Recalling how she remembers her mom walking up to a place where a sign read, "no children, no pets, no Cubans," Estefan tells of the struggles that immigrants faced and also talks about the surge of Latino talent... From seeing Enrique Iglesias taking off, to JLo’s success and Marc Anthony with a big hit, Gloria says that it was exciting to show the public that the Latin sound, Latin feel, the Latin movement had power. The documentary has interviews with nearly 100 figures including Dolores Huerta and Rita Moreno. The three part series will begin airing September 7th on PBS.