Good Weather And Free Coffee Won't Solve McDonald's Problem

wochit business
April 23, 2014 AT 7:07 AM
Anyone following McDonald’s closely cannot help but be concerned about the continued slow-down in the company’s business, as evidenced by the most recent earnings and sales reports. Wall Street has taken notice, and its stock is lagging behind the overall market by a wide margin. While McDonald’s performance in the last quarter could be skewed by bad weather, the company’s problem is much more serious than one that can be solved by better weather or free cups of coffee—as the company has been doing lately .McDonald’s is facing competition from Dunkin’ Brands Group, Burger King Worldwide , Starbucks, Panera Bread, White Castle Management, and Yum Brands—to mention but a few. While overseas, the company is facing competition from upstarts that have successfully localized its business model