GOP: Happy birthday Obama, now here's a copy of Constitution to read

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Here’s the latest indication of how tough the political climate has become for President Obama: Even the Republican Party is raising money off his birthday today.

While Democrats for weeks have been using his 53rd to raise funds via email birthday cards, the Republican National Committee on Monday got into the action offering its donors to send the president a copy of the U.S. Constitution, a not so subtle reminder that the GOP believe the president is not enforcing key laws.

“Today is President Obama’s birthday,” said party boss Reince Priebus in an email.

“President Obama has made it clear that he has a pen and a phone, and that he is willing to go around Congress and the Constitution to get his way.

“So for his birthday, the RNC is delivering a copy of the U.S. Constitution to the White House so Obama can read it before he picks up his pen or phone.

“Sign the card to President Obama and send him a U.S. Constitution for his birthday.”

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