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Government employees in Philadelphia are getting their jobs back after getting caught doing this

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Nine Philadelphia city employees were recently fired for "double-dipping" — yet they are about to get their jobs back.

An investigation by the city's inspector general found 13 part-time recreation center workers also held other government jobs, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

In violation of a city provision barring this, the employees were let go.

A labor arbitrator sided with the union representing the employees, saying the city was well-aware of the jobs with the district when it hired the workers and even recruited some to the rec center positions specifically because of their experience, PDN reported.

Ten of the workers -- including the nine who will be reinstated -- were also working for the Philadelphia public schools. Two worked from the U.S. Postal Service, and the other for the state attorney general's office.

The other four employees were not reinstated because of a technicality related to the timing of their terminations, PDN reported.

The Philadelphia mayor's office had not yet reviewed the decision, according to PDN.

One Philadelphia City Council nominee voiced concern over those who hold multiple government jobs, as they are often the highest-paid city employees.

"For instance, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, whose salary is $261,375, is also a deputy mayor and can earn more than the charter designates for the commissioner job because of his extra position," PDN reported.

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