Growth prompts Scott to consider zoning laws


SCOTT, La. (AP) — The Scott City Council is set to consider new regulations next month that, for the first time in Scott, would spell out what can be built where.

The move is in line with a trend seen throughout Lafayette Parish.

In the past five years, new zoning laws or land-use codes have been implemented in Carencro, Broussard, Youngsville and the rural areas of the parish — all of which had little or no regulation on development.

The Advocate reports ( ) the proposed regulations in Scott have been under discussion for more than a year and were approved last week by the city's Planning Commission, which sent them along to the City Council for final approval.

"It's to preserve the existing character but also to encourage quality development," said Pat Logan, who oversees planning for Scott.

Logan said some developments, such as new mobile home parks and dirt pits, would be banned outright, and the city would be sectioned into different areas, each with special regulations on development — rural residential, urban residential, urban commercial, urban center, industrial.

In areas classified as suburban residential, for example, a single-family home would be fine, but an automobile dealership is out.

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