Grumpy Harrison Ford Roles: Quinn Harris 9

November 06, 2013 AT 1:21 PM
Six Days, Seven Nights is far from one of Harrison Fords finest movies. In fact, its one of his worst. However, it was the first time that he was cast to type as the grumpy old guy; hes essentially been re-playing that role in movies (and in his private life) ever since. To be fair, he had just cause in this flick (who wouldnt get grumpy from being trapped with Anne Heche on a deserted island?). Thats comedy gold right there -- or at least, thats what director Ivan Reitman seemed to think. Unfortunately, the film runs out of steam fast and isnt worth revisiting. Thankfully, when viewed only through short clips, you can actually enjoy some of Fords finest grump-outs without suffering through the hackneyed deserted island rom-com.