Herman Cain: No questions after Hillsdale speech

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Those watching the unraveling Herman Cain campaign shouldn't expect any media fireworks during his speech tonight at Hillsdale College. According to event organizers, Cain stipulated that he would not answer questions after the speech.

Cain confirmed in a conference call today that he will deliver the speech, “with vim, vigor, and enthusiasm." The event is hosted by the Hillsdale College Republicans and Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) and is titled "Security Begins at Home: Peace Through Strength and Clarity."

Hillsdale College student Elliot Gaiser, who is president of SIFE and holds the chair of the Hillsdale College Republican board of trustees, said that the event was confirmed last Tuesday, and will go according to plan. Gaiser said that the response from the Hillsdale community has been good, despite the recent controversy surrounding his campaign.

Hillsdale College Republicans president, Baillie Jones, said that Herman Cain had stipulated that there would be no time for questions as part of the original agreement. "Mr. Cain's schedule is too tight to stick around for that." she said.

"All the feedback I've gotten so far has been really good.  It is exciting to have someone this high-profile to come visit," Jones said.

"It is a huge thing for a college with 1,400 students to host a frontrunner here on campus." Gaiser added, "It is kind of a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to hear him speak here at Hillsdale."

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