Hillary looks rusty at her coming out party

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• Hillary looks rusty at her coming out party
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Hillary Clinton
will appear tonight at her first official campaign event of this cycle – and perhaps her first since 2008 – and it’s a doozy. Hillary will appear at the home of the most famous bitter ender from her failed 2008 bid, uber-rich Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who was a principle PUMA and notorious Barack Obama trash talker. Other wealthy satellites of Planet Hillary, including Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel and Jill Iscol, will also reportedly make the scene. The beneficiary of the big event is former Rep. Marjorie Margolies D-Pa., who lost her Pennsylvania House seat in 1994, mostly a martyr for her defense of unpopular Clinton polices. She remained a Clinton intimate thereafter, including during the fraud conviction of her then-husband, former Rep. Edward Mezvinsky, D-Iowa. The couple’s son, Marc, a Wall Street banker, would go on to marry the Clintons’ only child, Chelsea. The younger Mezvinskys are expecting their first child this fall and Hillary tonight will be raising money for her fellow expectant grandmother, Margolies. But this isn’t two nannas-to-be getting together to knit booties.

[Bubba: Hey, we’re no Einsteins - “Let’s do what sensible people would do. We had a problem we had to deal with, Albert Einstein couldn’t have done it perfectly the first time, now let’s set a long-term repair process.” – Former President Bill Clinton at a debt-reduction forum when asked what Democrats ought to say about ObamaCare. Clinton, though, said some Democratic candidates “have to” simply attack the law.]

Bye-bye, Marjorie? - Margolies has watched her bid to return to the House after 20 years go from shoo-in to stumble, including money and ethics woes. The primary is on Tuesday, and Margolies looks plenty shaky. Hillary and her husband are going all in to rescue Margolies’ candidacy. With echoes of Hillary’s own 2008 defeat, voters have thrown over the once seemingly prohibitive frontrunner Margolies in favor of a younger, more dynamic, populist candidate, state Rep. Brendan Boyle. He’s taken heat for having supported abortion regulations in the wake of the discovery of a horrifying Philadelphia abortion clinic, the proprietor of which was later convicted of murder. But Boyle has big blue collar backing from unions and a geographic advantage. Margolies and the other candidates are from the socially liberal but elite lanes of Montgomery County, while Boyle hails from the part of the district in Philadelphia. Race watchers are calling Tuesday’s vote a jump ball.

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