Hillary: The more they see her, the less they like her

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• Hillary: The more they see her, the less they like her
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Most politicians would kill for a 54 percent favorability rating, but for the 2016 Democratic frontrunner the number is a troubling sign. As Hillary Clinton’s campaign blitz surrounding her latest book drags on amid gaffes and fudgy facts, her previously stratospheric ratings have begun to slide. A new Gallup poll  shows Clinton down a dozen points since leaving her post as secretary of state, with a 5-point drop since February. Partly that is because Clinton’s candidacy is forcing perceptions through a more partisan prism and partly because she is disappointing the massive expectations she and her campaign organization have created for her.

[Senator Lincoln sure had a nice bedroom at the White House - During a speech in Chicago, Hillary Clinton botched the bio of the greatest Illinoisan. “A senator from Illinois ran against a senator from New York… Just as had happened way back with a senator from Illinois named [Abraham Lincoln] and a senator from New York named [William] Seward.” One would think that for all of the 2016 frontrunner’s experience with Lincolnalia, she would know that Lincoln never served in the Senate.]

Foreign affairs - Another big factor is surely the unraveling of the foreign policy she claims to have restored after the failures of the Bush administration. Clinton’s book, which seeks to tie off the many loose ends from her largely unaccomplished tenure as Secretary of State, comes just as the foreign policy she helped craft is going through a series of painful, frightening reversals. The rise of Putinist Russia and the descent of Syria were bad enough, but now the outrage over the effort to placate the Taliban in Afghanistan with an unauthorized prisoner release and the aggressive resurgence of al Qaeda are making matters tougher. And with Clinton refusing to provide her personal notes to the committee investigating wrongdoing before and after the 2012 Islamist raid on a State Department outpost in Benghazi, Libya, one gets the sense that Clinton’s fight over her foreign policy record is ramping up, not winding down.

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