Hold the stinkburger: Hillary denounces 'pure partisanship'

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Listening to 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s comments to a women’s group on Thursday, one might be tempted to forget that she is famous as one of the nastiest campaigners and most vindictive politicians in the game – and has been for a long time. At the Women in the World summit in the New York honing her pitch to be the nation’s first female president, Clinton lamented “pure ideology, pure partisanship” in American politics today and warned that “we cannot afford to have people who deny the right and the need for compromise.” It’s a good pitch for Clinton who needs to soften her political image and develop a rationale beyond her gender and 90s nostalgia for voters to grant a third Clinton term in the White House. But it’s not very good for President Obama who, halfway across the country, was escalating his partisan attacks to a new, weird level.

[Dems join GOP for ObamaCare changes - Eighteen Democrats joined with House Republicans in voting to scrap ObamaCare’s 30 hour-a-week definition of full time work. More.]

This stinkburger tastes gamy - While Clinton was oozing bipartisanship in New York, Obama went to the University of Michigan this week to attack Republican (but not Democratic) opponents of his call to increase the federal minimum wage by 40 percent. How about Republican counterproposals like the fiscal plan on offer from House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan? If it was a sandwich at a local delicatessen, Obama said, Ryan’s plan would have to be called “the stinkburger” or the “Meanwich.” Keeping with the attack mode of taunting GOPers as he did in his remarks Tuesday celebrating the end (kind of) of the open enrollment period for his health-insurance entitlement program, Obama was revving up the base with just the kind of “pure partisanship” decried by Obama’s 2008 rival and prospective successor. This dichotomy is likely to only get worse as Democrats face a difficult choice in a difficult election year: embrace the base with Obama-style attacks or run to the middle, a la Clinton. As Hillary Clinton’s husband hits the campaign trail in Arkansas this weekend, which do you suppose he will be selling?

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