Hot App Alert: Celeb Makeover!

March 07, 2014 AT 12:21 PM
We have the scoop on a new app that will literally transform you into your favorite star! Perfect 365 is the free tool that caters to making us feel amazing about ourselves and transforming us into beauties like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence. We decided to test out the goods and came out with amazing results! For long lashes and a nude lip like Kim Kardashian, go with the Charm filter! Glow naturally like J-Law using the Pure filter, an instant under-eye bag remover! Channel Nicki Minaj's wild style with the Butterfly filter. If you really want to turn up the drama there's also a customizable tool that allows you to brighten skin, add foundation, slim your face, lift your cheeks and enhance your nose! Now we know what goes down with all these celebs getting photoshopped! Go create your before and after with the Perfect 365 app!