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The police department in charge of patrolling public housing in Richmond, Va., played by its own rules — and has since paid the price.

The police Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority police department was shut down in April without warning, but has been making headlines since, according to an investigation by WRIC-TV.

A former officer spoke to the news channel on condition of anonymity, revealing his fellow officers were told they had citywide jurisdiction and could make arrests on and off housing authority property.

However, there is no evidence anyone ever granted RRHA cops authority to make those arrests, according to the investigation.

"We have laws for a reason and we have limitations on jurisdiction for a reason," said University of Richmond law professor Hank Chambers.

The former officer also told WRIC-TV they did not have the right to extend their authority beyond RRHA property.

The Richmond Commonwealth's Attorney's office is looking into arrests that were made by the housing authority.

The ex-officer told WRIC-TV that people are currently "sitting in jail" for arrests RRHA officers made that are now in question.

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