How Republicans will use better data to turn out the vote

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The Republican Party continues to modernize its voter turnout capabilities, with a second digital consulting firm due to announce Tuesday that it will help the party improve its data quality.

The Data Trust, a Republican third-party data sharing organization central to the GOP’s overhaul of its get-out-the-vote efforts, is partnering with IMGE, a digital advocacy firm specializing in the development of data gathering tools.

Two weeks ago, the Data Trust unveiled a partnership with Targeted Victory, a digital firm that tracks voters' Internet profiles, for the first time giving the GOP a central data clearinghouse for this kind of information.

IMGE builds digital applications that will enable Republican volunteers who are contacting voters to update the GOP voter file in real time.

For instance, if a volunteer connects with a voter over the phone or in person, IMGE’s digital tools allow volunteers to immediately update the voter file with the information they gather on that voter, enabling strategists to review it throughout the day and make instantaneous decisions.

“The Data Trust is proud to have a proven technology-driven partner in IMGE to test, refine and grow our collection platform,” John DeStefano, president of the Data Trust, said in a statement.

“Our partnership with the Data Trust is the next step in our evolving industry,” added IMGE co-founder Alex Skatell.

The Data Trust houses the Republican Party's voter file and allows campaigns, affiliated committees and approved outside groups to access it and add their own refinements to the information. The firm is a key player in the GOP's overhaul of its voter turnout operations ahead of the 2014 and 2016 elections.

IMGE has several digital tools in development that will be available to the Republicans who utilize the Data Trust, including a one-click campaign contribution platform.

Rather than requiring donors to re-enter their information every time they want to contribute to a campaign, the platform would allow them to give with just one click.

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