In August, Paula Broadwell lashed out at Drudge for Petraeus Veep report

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In August 2012, General Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell lashed out against the Drudge Report for reporting that Petraeus was a rumored Vice Presidential candidate for Mitt Romney.

The Drudge Report featured an exclusive tip – upsetting the traditional thinking of the political establishment – citing a source who insisted that President Obama believed that Mitt Romney wanted to name Gen. David Petraeus as his running mate.

“A Petraeus drama has been quietly building behind the scenes,” Drudge reported at the time, reporting that Romney “secretly met with the four-star general.”

“Your speculation about @Petraeus as a Romney VP pic is full of non-truths,” Broadwell tweeted at the Drudge Report Twitter handle. “(But I guess you figured that out)!”

According to reports, Petraeus ended his affair with Broadwell four months ago – which would have been sometime in June or July of 2012.

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