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In D.C., grow your own at home?

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The D.C. Council is considering a home cultivation option for legalized marijuana, through which people who need the drug for medical use could have up to two plants growing in their home with a city-issued license.

Congress, by approving the District's 2010 budget, allowed D.C. to legalize marijuana for medical use as city voters elected to do in a 1998 referendum. Legalization is on hold, for now, until the council adopts a new law.

A major issue not addressed in legislation now before the judiciary and health committees: how the drug gets into the city.

One council source told The Examiner on Monday that home cultivation is "definitely being considered." But Councilman Phil Mendelson, judiciary committee chairman, said the city must not "follow the mistakes of Los Angeles, which opened the door so wide it was tantamount to legalized pot." - Michael


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