Independent review looks at allegations in White accident New Mexico
July 30, 2011 AT 2:45 AM
we're hearing from darren white on the independent report about his wife's crash. the report was released just a couple hours ago. eddie garcia is live in the newsroom with tonight's big story. darren white says he is grateful that the report has exonerated him on most of the accusations. the independent report shows that white did not interfere with his wife's crash investigation and did not use his position to improperly remove his wife from the scene. it does however say that white improperly used his emergency lights and his city vehicle to take mrs. white to the hospital. it also says there's overwhelming evidence that white's wife was possibly driving while impaired by the use of prescription drugs. darren white responds saying that a physician diagnosed his wife with having suffered a seizure and that medical records prove she tested negative for illegal drugs and alcohol. he says the doctors concluded that her condition had absolutely nothing to do with prescription medication. something else we're looking into... the report says that an officer on the scene did not follow procedure when he failed to conduct a field sobriety test and d-w-i investigation on mrs. white. the report says the officer had time to - but didn't.