‘Inefficient’ Canadian wind power hurting jobs, environment

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Canadian wind power is on the fast track to killing jobs, sending the price of electricity higher and even increasing the pollution it’s supposed to stop, according to a report from Canadian think tank Frasier Institute.

Ross McKitrick, a senior fellow at the Frasier Institute specializing in environmental economics, said Ontario’s Green Energy Act is now 10 times more expensive than installing pollution-control equipment on existing coal plants.

The GEA was supposed to create green jobs and replace coal plants with environmentally sustainable energy. Instead, it has driven up electricity prices, which will actually reduce jobs, and might even lead to more smog, according to the report.

“It is unlikely the Green Energy Act will yield any environmental improvements other than those that would have happened anyway under policy and technology trends established since the 1970s,” McKitrick wrote. “Indeed, it is plausible that adding more wind power to the grid will end up increasing overall air emissions from the power generation sector.” Wind power is inefficient because it’s most abundant when it’s least needed, McKitrick found. That in turn makes electric power more expensive for Canadian consumers.

“Already, the GEA has caused major price increases for large energy consumers and we’re anticipating additional hikes of 40 to 50 percent over the next few years,” McKitrick said in a statement, according to the  Toronto Sun. “Provincial efforts to shield these industries through energy subsidy programs only transfer the costs onto Ontario taxpayers who are already dealing with skyrocketing residential electricity prices.

And far from the Ontario government’s claim that 50,000 jobs would be created by the GEA, the act will actually reduce jobs, diminish competitiveness, and make households worse off, McKitrick wrote.


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