An Interview with Bayside

Baeble Music
April 24, 2014 AT 10:39 AM
When they weren't ripping through the acoustic strains of songs from their 6th LP, Cult, Anthony Raneri and Jack O'Shea of New York punk rock outfit Bayside were enlightening us on the motivations that drive the album. There will always be "fight with your girlfriend" kind of songs in the Bayside repertoire. But, as Raneri told us, "with growing older this record took on some much bigger topics. I thought a lot about my legacy, not only as a musician but as a man." That's just the kind of thing that happens when you lose your grandfather, step-father, and become a father all in the matter of a few months. Still, even as the band explores more existential types of topics, Cult retains the same spirit that drives the five albums that have come before it. "These songs could have a place on any of our records. It has all the different characteristics of all of our records. It's a good summation of everything we've done musically up until this point", declares Raneri. In that way, Cult is very much the perfect ode to their passionate fan base (their "Cult", if you will) and the new ears they continue to find as they push their decade-long career along.