IOS 7.1 Almost Fixed One Of The Most Infuriating Things About The IPhone

wochit technology
March 12, 2014 AT 7:29 AM
After months of testing, Apple finally released iOS 7.1 to the public earlier this week. The new release includes a wide range of new functionality as well as some big visual changes and bug fixes, and it even packs a few nifty secret features. There are even a few big annoyances that iOS 7.1 addressed as well-one in particular. In iOS 7 and earlier versions of iOS, incoming texts and iMessages continue to trigger message alerts even while the Messages app is open and the active conversation is on the screen. Apple knows how annoying it is, and the company finally made changes to address the issue in iOS 7.1. But instead of removing the alerts completely when messages are received in a conversation that is open on the screen, Apple toned down the vibrating alert so it’s just a quick pulse instead of a full alert.