Is Naya Rivera Leaving Glee?

CelebTV Latino
March 19, 2014 AT 5:30 PM
She's been a staple on Glee since the very beginning, but could Naya Rivera be ready to kiss Fox's hit show goodbye? It all started with this--a very cryptic message Naya posted on Twitter reading, "On set with Glee shooting a very sweet Brit/Santana scene! #StartTogetherEndTogether." On top of that Lea Michele did plenty of promoting for Glee's big 100th episode, but made no mention of Naya's name while talking about the upcoming New York based storylines. Sources do confirm that Naya's character Santana will be missing from two episodes this season, but the plan is for her to return before the season wraps up in May. As for the sixth and final season, sources say the decision to include Naya or any other cast members for the final season has not yet been finalized.