Jenni Rivera Biopic Controversy

CelebTV Latino
June 14, 2013 AT 11:09 AM
Jenni Rivera's sister Rosie is claiming that the soon-to-be movie on Jenni’s life has not been authorized by the family. Rosie told Estrella TV that it’s sad and disrespectful that film director Francisco Joel Mendoza has not had the courtesy of asking the family or talking to the family about the planned production. Rosie is now threatening to sue if the movie releases being that the family owns the rights on anything Jenni Rivera related. Rosie doesn’t want to argue or fight with anyone, but she doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of the pain of others. As the head of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, Rosie is in talks with Hollywood directors that want the rights to the movie. She feels honored that they want to spotlight her sister.