Jezebel Offers $10,000 For Untouched Dunham 'Vogue' Shots

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January 17, 2014 AT 9:19 AM
Lena Dunham covers the latest issue of Vogue, and the Internet is pretty much in agreement that the photos of the Girls star/creator are stunning. Popular feminist blog Jezebel doesn't disagree. But what it does have a problem with, as the site's editor-in-chief Jessica Coen wrote in a post Thursday, is what the magazine "decides to do with a specific woman who has very publicly stated that she's fine just the way she is." So Coen offered up a $10,000 reward to anyone who could send in unaltered original versions of the Annie Leibovitz-shot photos. Coen received the unedited photos and posted them two hours later. Dunham herself hasn't showed dismay with the photos, as she tweeted, "Dear @voguemagazine: Thank you. Love, Lena."