Jimmy Carter slaps Amnesty International for backing 'slave masters' in sex trade

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America’s most recognizable human rights warrior, former President Jimmy Carter, is condemning a proposed call by Amnesty International to end prosecution of the sex trade, a move that lets pimps, brothels and those buying sex off the hook for trafficking women.

In a taped interview for “Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan,” Carter said he would make it a mission of his to get the international human rights group to change course.

“It's inconceivable to me that Amnesty International or any other organization that respects human rights would endorse slave masters who buy young girls and put them into involuntary servitude to be sex slaves,” Carter said Wednesday, according to excerpts provided by the Center.

“And when they go and do this with brothel owners and pimps, then to me that violates the basic principles of human rights,” he added.

At issue is a draft Amnesty International proposal that governments decriminalize the sex trade. That would include prostitutes as well as pimps, brothel owners and “Johns.” They reason that selling sex is consensual. They oppose sex trafficking.

Carter promised to "write directly to Amnesty International. I also will issue a public statement on this,” he said on Morgan’s show which airs on Washington, D.C.’s WJFK Saturdays on online at

Opposition has been fierce around the globe.

The Democrat's Center for Mobilizing Faith for Women Initiative has taken a position on the issue that is line with Morgan's and pro-women groups. It backs the so-called “Nordic model,” which criminalizes pimps and penalizes customers, but offers the women support programs with no penalties.

Carter, knowledgeable about what Sweden is doing in promoting the Nordic model, told Morgan that the U.S. should adopt the model. “Because in the United States there are 50 girls who are arrested for every one brothel owner or pimp or male customer,” he said.

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