Joe Biden asks donors for up to $2,000 for Obama's 53rd birthday

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As Vice President Joe Biden tells it, President Obama once surprised him on his birthday with cupcakes, popcorn and a baseball cap.

So now Biden wants to repay and recognize the gesture with gobs of money, a present that should make Obama, in the midst of a nationwide 2014 midterm election fundraising tour, very happy.

For days, Democrats have been filling email accounts of supporters with a pitch to donate cash to celebrate the president’s 53rd birthday, which occurs Monday.

Biden, on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, sent out his note today, with the highest donation sought being $2,000.

He added a nice touch, explaining why he was making the pitch:

Let me tell you a story.

A few years ago, Barack and I met for our weekly lunch, but this time he showed up with 12 cupcakes full of candles, a baseball cap, and some of my favorite popcorn. He even sang me "Happy Birthday." Every year since then, I've done my best to make Barack's birthday special.

This year is no exception. We're putting together a nationwide birthday card, full of signatures from supporters, friends, and Democrats like you, so I'm asking you to sign it.

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