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Joe Scarborough reacts to Chris Christie scandal: I will give my good friend the benefit of the doubt

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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough reacted to the Chris Christie bridge scandal on "Morning Joe" on Thursday morning, acknowledging that the New Jersey governor was a friend of the show.

"All I can say there are some people, there are some programs that believe it's their job to defend their friends regardless," Scarborough said. "In this case, all I can say, is today, I give Chris, as my good friend, the benefit of the doubt."

Scarbourough added that the issues were troubling and that Christie had to get down to the bottom of the scandal.

"I would love Chris, as a good friend of ours, to come out swinging and explain why he had nothing to do with this, but for him to do that, he is going to have to take people down hard that were in his office that betrayed the trust of the people of his state."

Mika Brzezinski added that she was a close personal friend with Christie and liked him very much and requested an interview with the governor.

"We invite him to come to a tough place where we will really ask the questions and it doesn't matter that we are friends and he knows that more than anything," Brzezinski said. "Chris is a big boy."

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