John Boehner strikes back: House sent 350 bills to do-nothing Senate

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Facing charges from President Obama and Senate Democrats upset that Republican leaders are running a “do-nothing House,” Speaker John Boehner struck back Monday, claiming that his chamber has sent over 350 bills to the Senate this year, and in July delivered several to the White House for Obama to sign.

“While some media pundits would like you to believe otherwise, the Republican-led House of Representatives has been busy all year long, focused on policies that will help create jobs for American workers and their families,” the speaker’s office blogged today under the headline: “A Do-Something House.”

The president most recently slapped the House for not giving him what he wanted on immigration reform, but the politically split Republican caucus did end up passing legislation, which the Democrats plan to ignore.

Said the speaker’s blog, “While more than 350 House-passed bills continue to stack up on Senator [Harry] Reid’s desk, that has not deterred the House from its work on behalf of the American people. In July alone, Speaker Boehner sent more than half a dozen bills to the president’s desk for passage into law, and he also took time to honor some of America’s finest.”

For proof, they published several photos “to prove it,” as seen here.

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