Judy Woodruff: Nancy Reagan frail, but still a news junkie

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She’s 92 and frail, but former first lady Nancy Reagan remains an avid student of politics and current affairs, according to PBS Newshour Managing Editor Judy Woodruff.

The long-time journalist was featured on C-SPAN's First Ladies program Monday night when a caller asked her about Reagan, who continues to live in Simi Valley, Calif.

"I actually spoke with Mrs. Reagan today on the telephone. Was fortunate to be able to speak with her,” Woodruff told host Susan Swain.

“She is every bit as sharp as she has been. And was in very good spirits. But she doesn't get around as much as she used to. And I think her ability to get out in public and do the kinds of things that she did for many years , that's something that's very limited. She still can get out and does. But it's not as much, she's 92 years ago. But she's not as active in public.

“But she still follows what's going on avidly. She follows the news,” added Woodruff. “She is an avid follower of what's going on in American politics and American life."

The popular C-SPAN First Ladies program posted their hour and a half feature on Reagan on Monday.

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