Karl Rove thought that 'Simpsons' intro was hilarious

Yeas and Nays,Politics,Jenny Rogers

Apparently, Karl Rove doesn't mind a joke at his own expense. Rove has been the subject of much mockery as of late: "Saturday Night Live" dinged him for failing to secure a Republican presidential win despite huge spending by his political operation, and "The Simpsons" intro also took a swipe at his memorable election night appearance on Fox News. (Bart is shown writing, "I will not concede the election until Karl Rove gives me permission" on the blackboard.)

According to Rove Chief of Staff Sheena Tahilramani, the operative is taking it in stride.

"Karl did see the Simpsons intro," she wrote to Yeas & Nays, "and thought it was very funny."

She added, "He has not seen the SNL sketch, but he has heard from others that it was very funny as well."

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