Kim Jong Un Married, Christian Bale Visits Victims, Anaheim Protest, Goat Man Identified
July 30, 2012 AT 11:02 AM
It's been a morning filled with love and defiance....We'll start with the good stuff.North Korea's State TV delivered a shocking announcement today: their Supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, has been married. Claps all around!! If you've been following him, literally or metaphorically, you'll know that he's been spending a lot of time with a mysterious lady friend who was rumored to be a pop star...donno know if this is the same woman, it's a mystery...but according to state Tv...the wife's name is Ri Sol Ju....luckily she exists on youtube.In Colorado, Christian Bale visited victims of the Dark Knight Rises shooting victims yesterday...along with staff of the medical center that treated them to say thank you. And as for the defiance....lots of vandalism in Anaheim, California....Angry residents are once again taking to the streets in protest over the police shooting and killing a local man over the weekend. This is the 4th day of protests...Also...the wildlife people in Utah figured out why there was a man on a mountain dressed up in a goat suit - He was a California hunter, and he was preparing for an archery mountain goat hunt. And to catch the goat, you must first become the goat. today's headlines: North Korea State TV announced that Kim Jong Un has gotten married to a woman named Ri Sol Ju, who Voice of America correspondent Steve Herman discovered on YouTube.Christian Bale visited victims of the Colorado theater shooting yesterday. The Anaheim protests continue as angry residents storm the streets in response to a police shooting over the weekend.The mysterious "goat man" pictured on a Utah mountain has been identified as a goat hunter.