KIm Kardashian Lollipop Lady
March 15, 2009 AT 3:21 PM
MAVRIXONLINE.COM Exclusive!! Kim Kardashian shows off her famous curves with a cropped trendy pale denim jacket, figure hugging mini dress and black high heeled boots. As Kim left her luxury hotel the porter helped her with her bags but seemed to have his eye's elsewhere! When Kim arrived at the airport for her flight, she unwrapped a sparkly "Couture Pop" watermelon lollipop from the Sugar Factor. When asked if it was good, she gave the thumbs up, and at $25 per lollipop, they should be. Kim had been in town for a charity event, Art For Life, and said she'd had a "good time". Miami, Fl. 3/15/09 Fees must be agreed prior to publication.