Kristen Stewart Becomes a Vampire in New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Clip

March 26, 2012 AT 12:22 PM
Bella becomes a vampire in Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer. Hey everyone this is Ani Esmailian for Hollyscoop. After spending half of Breaking Dawn wasting away due to complications of being pregnant with a vampire baby, Bella finally becomes a vampire. Moviegoers who went to watch Hunger Games this past weekend were treated to an exclusive trailer of Breaking Dawn part 2. "After 18 years of being utterly ordinary I finally found that I can shine,” she says in the trailer. Complete with red eyes and pale skin, Bella caresses Edward, who is of course played by Robert Pattinson as he tells her, "[You're] so beautiful. We're the same temperature now."Check out the full trailer of and tweet us @hollyscoop and let us know what you think! --jewelry provided by Lia Sophia.