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Ladies, if you wear perfume, you’re a ‘fornicator’

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A Muslim cleric in Ceuta (Spain’s autonomous city in North Africa) preached a two-hour sermon in which he explained the submissive role a woman should play in society, saying “she cannot wear perfume because if she uses it she becomes a fornicator.”

Malik Ibn Benaisa, the cleric, had been charged with “advocating gender violence” because of his sermon, but those charges have been dropped. The district attorney for the case said “in relation to domestic violence, the law refers to concrete action in the form of threats, injuries, coercion or abuse, while the sexual or religious discrimination section of Article 510 of the Penal Code refers to encouraging discrimination, hatred or violence. This did not occur at the conference in question.”

Benaisa may not have advocated violence, but he certainly advocated discrimination.

“A woman cannot show her face or bare hands, she cannot wear high heeled shoes, she cannot wear blue jeans, she must wear a scarf to cover her chest, she cannot pluck her eyebrows and she cannot wear perfume because if she uses it she becomes a fornicator,” Benaisa said during his sermon. “A woman must keep her head down because a jealous husband can cause problems with other men. A woman should be in total submission to her husband. She has an obligation to wear the veil.”

This is not an isolated incident. Women are routinely treated as second-class citizens or property in other parts of the world. For more examples of the real war on women, read “Seven horrific examples of the real war on women

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