Lamar Odom Allegedly Addicted To Crack Cocaine

August 26, 2013 AT 11:29 AM
With his alleged cheating scandal, it seems as if Lamar Odom’s problems are getting worse! TMZ reports that the pro-baller has been addicted to crack cocaine for years, and making things worse, his wife kept Odom’s crack addiction from her entire family. Sources close to the Kardashian clan say that Khloe did not want to burden her family and jeopardize the family machine by telling them about Lamar’s drug use. As for Kris Jenner, she’s known about the drug use but kept the secret in the dark for months. When stories started to surface about Lamar sleeping with other women, and the family started asking questions, Khloe felt that she needed to reveal the real issue. Khloe has thrown Lamar out of the house, and they are officially separated, but no talks of divorce have been mentioned.