Latino Judges Lay Down the Law on TV Courtroom Shows

CelebTV Latino
July 22, 2013 AT 2:42 PM
If it's TV justice you want, it's justice you’ll get with these TV judges. Judge Marilyn Milian acknowledges that for most litigants, their case is not about the money but about the principle. As a result Milian often resorts to a little rough justice on People’s Court. Former police officer, Court Judge Alex Ferrer hosts Judge Alex. In October 2008, Ferrer was voted the most trustworthy face in daytime television and he was more recently featured in People magazine’s "Sexiest Men Alive" issue. And what is perhaps the Oprah of the courtroom genre, Caso Cerrado presided by lawyer Ana María Polo and it is the number one Spanish-language program in the 4PM time slot. Polo also sings the show’s opening jingle.