Lawmakers could compromise over illegal's drivers licenses New Mexico
March 08, 2011 AT 3:15 AM
kob eyewitness minute thumbnail 06:04 pm news four has learned there could be a compromise in the works at the state capitol. it's for one of the most controversial bills this session -- repealing the law that allows illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses. gadi schwartz is live in santa fe with the latest. there are a lot of sticking points when it comes to repealing drivers licenses for immigrants- like what about minute thumbnail 06:05 pm those who are here legally, or what about law enforcement agencies who want to keep many illegal immigrants insured. now there is a new bill in the senate that would address some of those concerns- while repealing about 80,000 drivers licenses now held by undocumented immigrants. the bill would basically set up a special provisional license for those without social security numbers- and beef up requirements for those who apply- when it comes to proving their identity. the provisional licenses would only be good for a set amount of time. "it gives them a provisional license for 2 years and they have to renew for two years and they have to keep coming back and for anybody who has been through the motor vehicle division to go back every 2 years that's real punishment." the bills sponsor says tougher penalties would be imposed on state workers who are caught selling drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.