'Legitimate rape' controversy draws eyes to 'SVU'

Yeas and Nays,Politics,Alicia M. Cohn

It didn't help former Rep. Todd Akin win his Missouri U.S. Senate bid, but talking about "legitimate rape" won "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" its highest overall audience share in nearly three months.

Those Nielsen numbers follow Wednesday night's episode, "Legitimate Rape," which featured a character identified as a congressman and former obstetrician who testified in a rape trial that "it's nearly impossible for victims of legitimate rape to become pregnant" because "the body has a mechanism for shutting down ovulation in response to stress."

That's nearly word for word what Akin said in August on a St. Louis TV station -- comments that started a nationwide controversy and were blamed for his loss in the race.

As Sen. Claire McCaskill, the Democrat who beat Akin in Missouri's general election, tweeted, "Now this is surreal."

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